Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whats GOOD up to?

GOOD Magazine is keeping busy. They're doing the name your own price thing. If you don't have a subscription or your planning on renewing, now (over the next three months) might be the time. 100% of the subscription money still goes to one of the non-profit organizations they are partnered with. You just pick your price.

They also are partnering up with Starbucks and starting today, releasing what they call The GOOD Sheet. For the next 11 weeks these papers will be available and each week they will address new election issues. The sheets are simple newsprint papers that try to lay down the facts in the 'nonpartisan' style of graphs, charts, and lists
of statistics we've gotten used to seeing from GOOD, rather than longer articles that customers might not have time for. Below is a sample part of this weeks sheet on CO2. They've also gone ahead and offset the impact of printing and shipping all these sheets by purchasing renewable energy credits, 1005.14 tons of CO2 worth.

They also have launched a new site at The old site is still up for now.

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