Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Top Chef Mid-Season Review

Big Green is in Green. AP is in Blue.

Ariane is a Jersey Mom with cooking chops and the only contestant with a tan in winter. She made good turkey.

I just can't picture someone so Jersey winning this.
She is tall and strange and heartwarming. She says "whooly who" in the supermarket to find her husband.

Wildcard, Bitches! Her quirkiness, and positivity has won me over.
Fabio is so obviously charming. Seems talented, and to embrace most charming italian stereotypes. Still the silly italian music Bravo plays when he talks is pretty offensive. Ravioli.

He's going to come in second place and say something about being Italian.
AP calls him something, but I forget. Anyway, he seems pretty talented and genuine, except for those s'mores with what looked like snot or ejaculate on top.

I call this guy Jorax. Not really a fan, seems a bit whiney and honestly I don't like the Stefan hating.
All scallops, all the time.

Maybe it's the way Bravo edits her but she's another whiner. Hopefully she'll go home next week after cooking another scallop.
Jeff is windswept. I want him to kick some ass b/c he seems skilled and a really hard worker/leader, but hasn't wowed my visual 'buds yet.

He'll come in third place or I guess kind of a second place tie with Fabio since they usually pick the winner from the final three. He's the non-italian second place.
Leah wins a lot. Should be in the finals.

I like her more each episode. I think/hope she will be in the final four with Jeff, Fabio, and Stefan. She's good.
Radhika is solid, but should take more risks, so I can remember anything she cooks.

Who's Radhika? Um I don't really know. She seemed a little pissed when they said they were going to 'borrow' Indian food from her culture in the Something New, Old, Borrowed, Blue episode. I liked that.
Stefan is cocky as hell. He's like a shiny bald french bullet come to take the title.

He's going to win. He's obviously the one to beat. He has a pack of haters following him around.


  1. i foresee stefan v fabio in a cage match to determine Who Can Be More Stereotypically European. And yeah, what is Ariane still doing there?! She served crunchy risotto in her first challenge. And her name is a homophone for ARYAN.

  2. Leah reminds me of Lauren Kelaghan.

  3. After last night I no longer like Leah. Not even the cheating that bothered me. It was all the whiney magoo.