Monday, May 25, 2009

Beastie Boys wrap new album, Jimmy Fallon tonight

The new album is called Hot Sauce Committee and apparently they finished it the other day.

Here's the note they sent me personally (we're friends):
we, the band, known professionally as the Beastie Boys, will be making a professional appearance on the television show that is called Jimmy Fallon (is that what it's called?). so if you (the viewer) turn on your TV (short for television) you can see us (beastie boys) on his (jimmy fallon's) show. is that clear? check listing for air time in your area. monday night (this monday night) like today monday night.

i hope we don't screw this up.

Dr. Bombay

ps. our new record that is coming out that we finished the other day is called HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE, and we are going to offer insights into how it was crafted, when we talk on the aforementioned show. that's that.
UPDATE: View it here.

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