Saturday, March 7, 2009


You know I like football. Well, now I've turned my burly, mannish attention to Basketball and I thought I'd give you a rundown of my teams.

But first, a caveat: Someone once said AP and I look alike. I was disturbed to hear that, according to this person, my husband and I were the gender opposites of each other. I don't agree, but if you do, if you've always thought AP and I are bizarrely twinned, that our genitals are the only things that set us apart, and you've not seen our genitals, so to you we are unilook, and then there's our likes and dislikes which are pretty much the same, well this should be of consolation. This is what sets my husband and I apart. AP can only like one sports team. Every other team: his team's competition and so he hates them. It's like with football. We're for the Giants. So when I say I like Donovan McNabb and AP says "you can't."

Today's Team: The Cleveland Cavaliers

One of my students wrote a paper about watching Lebron play high school ball. Now, when I see him with the Cav's, I know I'm kind of in love, despite the fact that I try to avoid superstars. They only break your heart. He's got power, drive, and maybe not as much finesse as Kobe, but hell, he's only just turned 25. I also like Mo Williams and mothereffing Ben Wallace, who kept playing with a Broken Leg. I know they lost to the Celtics last night, but they'll hopefully beat them in the playoffs. Sorry Dad.


  1. You can't like anyone on the Eagles if you're a Giants fan. That's the way this thing works. Even if they leave the Eagles to play for the Giants, they are not to be rooted for. Same thing applies to the Cowboys. I'd say the same thing goes for the Redskins, but nobody cares about the Redskins. I'm not a big basketball fan so I don't know the rules there, but it's almost impossible NOT to like Lebron. He may be coming to the big apple when you guys come back. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. I have to add, even a Giant great like Bill Parcels is tarnished by going to the Cowboys later in his career. It can be a sad mean world, the NFC East.

  3. You guys aren't the boss of me! I got so much love to give.

    The only rule I live by is "Thou Shall Not Kill (your husband and his best friend)," but you GIANT(s) a-holes are making me rethink it.

    I root for everybody! (and maybe kill you.)

  4. Beat the Celtics!!! You are dead to me. Have you no love for Pierce or KG! DEAD TO ME!

    Also...I agree with all notions of Cowboy hatred. I hate them in the face, which is a problem b/c somehow half of my family are Cowboy's fans and the other half are for the beloved Patriots.

  5. Ok, The Celtics are clearly amazing. Let me say that right now. But I can't come into a sport a fan of the BEST team. What kind of person would I be? An easy all your moms.

    Just because I like McNabb does not mean I like the Cowboys. There is nothing to like about the Cowboys. Another one of my students who is a Cowboy fan wrote about how his Cowboys don't deserve to win anything. Yeah, that's right. My class writes about sports 24/7. Don't you wish you were in my class?

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