Monday, March 16, 2009

TMT March Madness

TooMuchTeeth is setting up a bracket via NYTimes for the Men's NCAA basketball tournament and we want you to join. To be honest, we really don't know much about college basketball, but that's kind of the fun part. In our experience, the person who knows the least about the sport often wins the bracket. There are always unpredictable upsets, and not so surprising wins. Trying to actually figure this out is futile. So if you don't know who anyone is, pick randomly, or by your favorite colors, you'll probably do really well. Leave your email in the comments, or just email one of us and we'll add you to our list. Winner gets a special prize, plus bragging rights.
Some details posted in the comments.


  1. Yes, if I had your email, I probably sent you an invitation even if you didn't want one. You should join though. It will be like we're all getting together again.

  2. NYTimes Scoring Brackets
    Brackets will be scored after games are completed. You will be awarded points based on each game picked correctly in a given round. Bonus points will be added to your score if you correctly predict an upset (where a lower-seeded team defeats a higher seed).
    The results will be tabulated based on a progressive scoring system:
    5 point for a first-round game picked correctly
    10 points for a second-round game
    20 points for a Round of 16 game
    40 points for the regional finals
    80 points for each Final Four game picked correctly
    160 points for correctly picking the championship game
    You will receive bonus points equal to the difference in seed for each upset you pick correctly.

  3. all right I'll do it. But only because your idea of fun is forcing people to do what you want. And I want you to have some fun.