Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I hate sitting like a lady.

In the heat, nothing beats a really flowy skirt. Free as a bird, wind at your thighs, fantastic. But with great privilege comes great responsibility, and with skirts, that means I have to sit like a lady. Let me tell you, I slipped for two minutes on the train yesterday. I wasn't spread eagle or anything, but I forgot the predatory nature of mass transit, that my slight knee part was enough to invite Joe Pervs-alot as he slouched lower in his seat, depraved and bald and married. I shut up like a trap.

It's the only time I've wished I had a penis.
Just to give him a real, startling eye-full.


  1. gross. i forgot to sit lady-like on the train once too, but luckily an nice old kazakhstani woman huffed and clucked her tongue at me and made sweeping, closing motions with her arms and armpits until i realized that she was telling me to close up shop. then she laughed at me.

    a little propriety please!