Friday, July 25, 2008

one fewer

This guy bought a Range Rover and now he doesn't need or want it anymore. He wants to take it off the road for good in an effort to raise awareness about the various environmental issues associated with modern cars. If you can come up with some kind of fantastic spectacle that people will enjoy, he might do it. Submit your ideas now and later vote for the best of them.

I think he kind of has to come up with some kind of clever adult version of strapping firecrackers to it the way you did with your toys when you were 10. Then he can drop a giant rock on it, drive it right into the ocean, bury it in the sand, throw it out his brothers second floor window, leave it in the middle of the street and wait for cars to run it over, feed it to the dog, try to flush it down the toilet, poop on it, light it on fire, leave it behind the garage, and forget about it. That's right....he can poop on it.

Also, don't steal my idea, I'll be submitting it (probably not). (definitely not)

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