Thursday, August 14, 2008

We've Arrived...our snacks depleted.

TMT has made it to Montana. I don't know if anyone is reading this blog anymore,
so if you are, please comment with an "Amen."

the road trip

Penn is one big motherfucker, but it has its share greenery to ease the eyes, a
mish to ride the buggies, and hillbillies to make the phrase "Pennsyltuckey" ring true.


Indiana has Notre Dame, which was gorgeous in an old churchy kind of way, very "ahh ah aaa aah" creepy, but immaculately maintained. We thought, if it weren't so god-heavy, we might like to go here. Rudy Rudy. Fist pump fist pump.

We braved Cubs traffic for a vegetarian brunch in what seemed to be the Park Slope of Chi-town only to end up in the middle of some kind of bizarre kid-fest. They like kids in Chicago I guess. We don't, s
o we kept on.

Wisconsin sold Amish cheese at their gas stations.

When we crossed the Mighty Mississippi, I excitedly held my camera out of the car window. Right when it came into frame, some teenagers drove by us and flipped us off. As we drove over the bridge I kept muttering about how we were from New Jersey and how would they like it if we pulled up alongside them and shot them in the face with a gun.

Minnesota's sunset was a highlight, with its windmills like giant white spacecrafts.

South Dakota!! More on that later.

Brief detour in Wyoming, brief fight about directions, then...
Montana, our new home.

What the God-fearing folk call "God's Country"
because God likes himself some pretty.
Go read/rent a River Runs Through It,
and get a load of the bison that crossed our path!


  1. amen! i can totally see you muttering under your breath, you old lady/man (D&D!). you crack me up. keep posting pictures! take some of you and adam in your new house!

    hi adam, my name's titi. we've never met but i've heard wonderful things about you.

    there, that should make that less creepy.