Thursday, October 2, 2008

Out of the Vault

I officially reject the Disney Vault. How it toys with our emotions. How it dangles the goods only to jerk them away. I have a right mind not to buy Sleeping Beauty. No matter how fucking badass Malificent is. And she is ever so evil. Dare I say the evilest?

Who is your fav villian, readers? We can start with the disney variety, then move on to action movies, political masterminds, and which of your parents you like least.


  1. SCAR. He is one evil, heartless lion. And that voice...ooooooo! Is it wrong to be sexually attracted to a cartoon lion?

  2. Jeremy Irons was your old man boyfriend though, right?

  3. Was and is. I ride Spaceship Earth just to hear that voice.

  4. Um perhaps a young man known as JAFAR? When we saw him at Breakfast with the Stars at Disney, my then-four-year-old sister cried hysterically for an hour. Why Jafar at breakfast? Why?

    PS Is "ride Spaceship Earth" a euphemism?