Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sports and Heartache

I don't watch much tennis, but I try not to miss a Nadal/Federer final. They are the most exciting sporting events I have ever seen (Sorry Giants), and from the looks of it, this year's Australian Open was no exception. (That's right I fucking missed it).

5-sets, the longest Aussie championship in history left the young bull on top again. Rafa is a motherfucking monster on the court (and that's a really serious monster). But Roger is still a masterful player, which makes your editor feel like shit to see him so plainly heartbroken after losing in Melbourne.

As the trophy was awarded to his opponent, Federer couldn't hold back tears. "Maybe I'll try later. God, it's killing me."

But moments later, he composed himself enough to offer this to Nadal: "You deserved it. You played a fantastic final."

For Rafa's part, when he collected his trophy, he embraced Federer, saying "Roger, sorry for today. I really know how you feel right now. Remember,
you're a great champion, you're one of the best in history."

It wasn't always this way. Here, Roger wins his 5th Wimbledon

The most notable part of all this for me is that I've switched sides. I came into their rivalry with affection for the young, capri pant wearing underdog that Rafa was in the beginning, winning only on red clay courts. But now that he's won 3 of the Grand Slam Finals they've battled, I've turncoated.

Don't worry Roger, you've got me now. I'm here to help. And stop crying, you look like a pussy.


  1. Bite your tongue. Osi has a single tear on his face right now.

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