Sunday, February 22, 2009

Top Chef Finale Predictions

1) When Stefan reveals that his hefty ego is just a cover for his insecurities, TMT will share one big married puke.

Remember in the Season 3 finale, when Hung's fish was cold and soulless, which was a way of saying that Hung was a robot? So in order to win Top Chef, he had to make a plug for his heart? That he cooks from it; came from a long line of loving, cooking Huynh's?

Well, TMT expects some kind of Stefan humbling. Maybe he will cry. Maybe he will reveal that he was bullied or molested as a child. (Which reminds me of my favorite Onion piece of all time.)

Sometimes really talented people are a-holes. Can't we all just embrace that?

2) Jorax will get hit upside the head with a Stefan blast.

AP has disliked Jorax from day 1. I thought it was because husband had a crush on Leah, but now I think there was room for only one bald in his heart.

Personally, I think Hosea is talented, and that he could easily win if he weren't so flustered by Stefan's big Finnish antics.

3) Carla will Carebear Stare her way to a victory.

She says she puts the love in her food and I can taste it. Lady made a nonalcoholic drink for a New Orleans challenge because she "doesn't drink" and still won. That's the kind of uncompromising, confident, innovative pea maker I'm looking for.

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  1. My vote is for Carla!! Mostly b/c I'm invested in her at this point. It took me so long to get past the crazy eyes...that there's no turning back. AND she is just so freaking positive!

    Also...I have never seen anyone get as flustered over another human being as Hosea does over's a bit much.