Friday, May 9, 2008

Eye Candy

Speed Racer anyone?

AP is really excited for this movie, I think mostly because he's a designer and see's the Wachowski brothers' latest venture as color porn or "eye candy." Literally, have you seen the colors? The W bros spent around $100 million on the visual effects for Speed Racer, so we are hoping it pays off. So far, reviews are mixed.

Ebert- "Like the animated TV series that inspired this movie, you could look at it with the sound off and it wouldn't matter." Not overly enthusiastic, I'd say. ""Speed Racer" is conveyed through optical design and not so much through more traditional devices such as dialogue, narrative, performance or characterization." However, Bill Gibron of Pop Matters raves- "Forget all the curmudgeonly criticism that argues for this movie’s optical overload capacity - Speed Racer is a modern masterpiece."

What do you think readers? Are you willing to forgive the brothers Wachowski their sins (Matrix sequels) and see Speed Racer in the hopes that it will show the same brilliance as their claim to fame (the Matrix) and, we think, pretty solid V for Vendetta?

We will.

Editors note: We at tmt don't condone drugs or find fault with those who partake, but we can't help but think some psychedelics would enhance a viewing of this particular film. Any lab rats

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