Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I don't like

People who don’t use their sick days.

Probably the same ones who had perfect attendance in high school like this wiener. That’s the thing people, if I thought taking a day or two here or there was hurting my chances at being a leader of men, I probably would get my ass up and be ever-present, but it hasn’t and will not. So, take a little time off. Enjoy horrible daytime tv or go to the beach. Just remember, don’t show up the next day with a tan. That’s really the only rule. And if you do, tell them you needed air and fell asleep on a chair in the sun. or something. It’s like that saying, “you can’t take sick days with you when you’re dead.” That's really true.

This post is dedicated to a certain BOTR editor who spend one day in meetings and the next three in the hospital.

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