Friday, May 30, 2008

This way to Rape/Hobo/Urine City

me: oh my god I just had the scariest experience. I feel like I could puke my belly hurts so much
Sandy: what happened
me: I went to meet dina at the boroughhall stop and when I had to come back there was this dark little subway entrance on some side street. so I went down, overstepped some flooding and got to this area where there were steel elevators they said "Elevators to trains" but I never take elevators and I didn't want to start now b/c the only other person there was some sketchy guy.
so I looked around and saw a stairwell that was clearly marked "stairway to train" so I walked down the hallway and started down them. As I went down, the smell of urine got worse and worse and more trash started piling up and the lights got darker. And soon I got to the bottom (15 flights!) and there was no effing door! Homeless beds around and dark but no door
Sandy: oh my god. you discovered some secret hobo town
me: so I had to run at full speed back up all the flights, a perfect rape scenario even in daylight.
Then I found some woman to take the elevator with but WTF. Rape/hobo/urine city--
i found its entrance
Sandy: wow that is so crazy
me: but seriously scary
the feeling I had in my stomach was akin to when you were a kid and you would have to go to the basement--the speed with which you would run up the stairs or at least me and Kevin McAlister felt that way.
Sandy: its weird that this happened to you today. i also had a weird thing happen to me at lunch. i kind of got groped by an old dude.
me: WHAT
Sandy: yeah it was bizarre-it was like a drive-by, jog-by actually. hahhaha. he was jogging

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