Friday, November 14, 2008

AP needs help picking a hat

needs help picking a

I'm indecisive about a lot of things but I really need help picking out which hat to go with. This decision has taken me far too long, so I'm asking for your help. I'm going to try to pick one out by the end of the day or maybe the very beginning of next week. I'm not that big of a baseball fan but I want to get a baseball hat. Because I'm not that big of a fan I don't have that strong of a loyalty to any team. I will say that as a sports fan it's hard for me to imagine wearing a hat of a team that isn't from NY though. Anyway, here are my options:

Atlanta- I kind of like them and I dig the A.
Pittsburg - This is probably one of my favorite logos. I just really digg the old school P.
the Mets - I was a Mets fan growing up
Yankees - although there is a lot not to like about the Yanks (Big Green refers to them as the 'haves') they do still represent NY better than anyone. A Yankees hat is just as much a sign of where you are from as it is of a team you like.

What do you think?


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  2. If you're going to go with a NY team it better be the Yanks. People like to hate, but it's all jealousy - besides - I think we've proved money can't buy championships (as of late). ATL is too hood for you - if you are opposed Yanks, then go with Pitt.

  3. I like the A. I have to respectfully disagree with Jackie - I don't think you should get a Yankees hat because they are mean and GIVE KIDS ASTHMA. Also Kerry will punch you in the nutz.

  4. Clearly you should customize the hat with the A(tlanta) and P(ittsburgh) to pay hommage to yourself.

  5. In situations like this I like to think, "What would Dave Parry do?"