Wednesday, November 12, 2008

CTSH (the Clarence Thomas Scale of Hate)

When I was home, Gus and I went out and discussed life and politics. He came up with an amazing way of scaling thing's that infuriate us. After talking about how much we hated Clarence Thomas, Gus referred to another thing he hated on 'the Clarence Thomas Scale of Hate.' He expanded on it for me via email. Another important thing to remember was that this was at the end of October, about a little over a week before the election.

0 - Corderoys
1 - Bowling being on ESPN
2 - Doing Laundy at the laundromat
3 - Bono
4 - Me when I get into political conversations with strangers while drinking
5 - Good Charlotte
6 - Promise rings
7 - Guys wearing make-up and/or pantyhose under shorts
8 - Every commercial on television (Except Old Spice ones)
9 - Olives/Bill O'Reilly
10 - Justice Thomas (Could just as easily be the Ann Coulter scale)

11 - Undecideds

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