Friday, November 7, 2008

Heaven Help Me

For the last seven years, AP's been talking about the 1985 film, "Heaven Help Us," starring a young Andrew McCarthy (also Kevin "Drama" Dillon, and Donald Sutherland). HHU is directed by a man named Michael Dinner, which delights me, if nothing else. My husband loves this movie so much that he snuck it onto our queue when I wasn't looking. So, I guess my night is going to be all about catholic school high jinks.

I didn't attend catholic school, but I did go to CCD, where I was abused by Sister Ruth, who, looking back now, was probably only 4'10'' but had the bite of a big old dog. She told me my parents were absolutely going to hell because they were divorced. I wish, instead of crying, I barraged that hag with some McCartheyesque antics, enough to have brought her rightly to her knees. Oh well. Live and learn.

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