Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nice to Meet You, Foodstuff

One day until the Big Turk. TMT will be spending it alone in our Montana apartment and AP has made his demands known: "I want an obscene amount of dishes." I'm OK with that. If my husband is more concerned with quantity than the quality, there's little pressure to get things perfect like there would be if I were sharing courses with Inlaws.

My favorite thing about a low key Thanksgiving is that I get to try out new recipes. Since I know ahead of time that much of the day will place me over the stove, I embrace the labor. I search for recipes that use unfamiliar ingredients. Get a load of this bizarre trio!

I'd like to introduce to you to...
the sisters Shallot, her ladylegs Wild Rice,
and mr. Delicata Squash

Ok, so you've probably used shallots before, but I haven't. In fact, when I was searching the produce aisle for one, I was looking for something that resembled a green onion or scallion. Way off. I am excited to see what these garlic-onion girls will bring to the table. I expect stink breath.

Just look at that bag of Wild Rice being all wrong and renegade black. But how will she taste? Uncaged.

There are so many kinds of squash. Can you catch them all? TMT is trying. Delicata is supposedly one of the tastiest, comparable to a sweet potato. But maybe he's better. What if he is a classy showstopper? How will the turkey cope?

These are exciting times.

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