Thursday, June 5, 2008

McCain to Obama: Let's Town Hall it like the gentlemen of yore.

Hats off to G.I.John McCain for this invitation to Obamz. I like the idea of these Town Hall meetings. No spin room. Seriously indepth (Mc proposes "at least ten town halls once a week." Somebody doesn't have much of a social life). And I like them flying on the plane together, but I can also imagine a scenario in which Hillary shoots down their buddy jet to become Commander-in-Chief so watch out.

As much as this is appealing, TMT has heard buzzing that McCain's motivation isn't as wholesome as it seems (that he prefers short debate to his less than stellar speech style. This the exact opposite of his young opponent. Additionally, McCain doesn't want to have excessive press coverage, I think maybe because he doesn't want the visual comparison on every major network. Still, I am interested in substance and would rather the two getting down to details.

I'm interested to see Obama's response. It's your move young chap.

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