Thursday, June 26, 2008

So, in the golf tournament this weekend:

As you know Dad and Eddie sucked (dad says mostly Eddie sucked, and he would say that) But Paulie Cuv and his partner made it to the finals. On the last hole, Paulie had to make a 7 foot putt for 5 and partner had to make a 1 foot putt for 5.

Important info to note: For many years, the rule of play for this tourney was "Best Score," meaning they would take the best score of the two teammates. So, if someone shot something great and teammate was in the sand, it wouldn't matter. Just take the best. But this year, things changed. This year, they took the average.

So to bring you back, Paulie just completed an impressive, dare I say unlikely putt. Then, when it was his teammate's turn, confusing the new rules with the old, instead of just sinking his wicked easy shot to win the tournament, he picked up the ball! Everyone yelled "Nooooo!" and he yelled "Whatttt?!" but it was too late. Team "Dad's Friends" were disqualified.

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