Friday, June 6, 2008

Wow, Germany. You've got big avocado pits in your pants!

Apparently Germany's first novel to reach's global best-seller list, "Wetlands," by Charlotte Roche is a wild filthy-ass ride. From the NYTimes, "It is difficult to overstate the raunchiness of the novel." The book details the narrators most personal thoughts and experiences down there...

"'Wetlands' opens in a hospital room after an intimate shaving accident. It gives a detailed topography of Helen’s hemorrhoids, continues into the subject of anal intercourse and only gains momentum from there, eventually reaching avocado pits as objects of female sexual satisfaction and — here is where the de
bate kicks in — just possibly female empowerment."

The Times article goes on to discuss the issue of Germany's problematic gender equality. Though it does have a female chancellor and a pretty forward reputation, Germany has the third worst wage gap between genders--women earn 22 percent less. And there was last year's unfortunate episode of a German TV personality "suggesting that [women] should stay home to raise their children, and then referring approvingly to the Nazi policy of encouraging German women to have large families."

Ouch. There is hope though, in the form of Roche's new book and other female provocateurs like, wait for it...she-rapper, Lady Bitch Ray, who runs her own independent label, Vagina Style Records. Where there is a Lady Bitch Ray, there's a way.

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