Thursday, April 3, 2008

automobili Lamborghini

from Wikipedia:

As told by Ferruccio Lamborghini's son, Ferruccio Lamborghini went to meet Enzo Ferrari at the Ferrari factory to complain about the quality of the clutch in his Ferrari 250 GT[3]. An infuriated Enzo Ferrari sent him away telling him to go drive his tractors because he was not able to drive cars. Lamborghini went back to his factory to have the Ferrari's clutch dismantled and found that the clutch in the Ferrari was a product of the manufacturer who supplied the clutches used in Lamborghini tractors. Lamborghini installed a stronger clutch from his factory's warehouse into his Ferrari and solved the clutch failure.

Furious with Enzo Ferrari's arrogant and aloof manner, Ferruccio Lamborghini promised himself he would never own another Ferrari and would beat Ferrari at his own game by creating a superior sports car of his own.
Below is the Lamborghini Reventon costing 1,000,000 Euro and possibly as few as 20 to be produced, although some rumors say there will be as many as 100. It's also named after a bull that killed a famous bull fighter in the 40's. TMT digs that.

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