Saturday, April 12, 2008


There was no way I could avoid posting this. They are mostly from Germany (like homeboy above) and eastern Europe, with the occasional photo from D.C. Check out DOPEPOSE. And more importantly here are their rules for how to get involved.

1. first of all you simply have to look good!
2. There are different types of posing: (you can choose one of these examples)
- "Bad Boy": the face makes the look. push your bottom lip forward. bend your brows. (Tim Dog)
- "Gangster" : cars, money, nacked women and guns are very important. (NWA)
- "Vaughn Bode" : bend your body backwards, it makes you look more gum. (Cheech Wizzard)
- "Outta Space" : send laser blasts with your hands. (Flash Gordon)
- "Think about it" : direct your forfinger meditative to your head. (Def Jeff)
- "Bodybuilder" : forget it, if you dont train your body at least once a week. (LL.Cool J)
- "Holy" : in view of the sky below, fold your hands in front of your chest. (Afrika Bambaataa)
- "Adidas" : Pose your feet in the right position (make the three stripes seenable.) (Run DMC)
- "Pointer" : Your finger points at something. (good for graffiti writers to point on their piece)
- "Freeezer" : You stop to dance and freeze to please... (Crazy Legs)

Enjoy and please send us your dope poses too.

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