Friday, April 4, 2008

Chef Wylie Dufresne, Food Scientist

Last weekend we went out to celebrate my 25th. Sometime after 4, when we were forced to leave the closing bar, AP (the designated driver) told me (the drunk) that Mr.
molecular gastronomy himself, Chef Wylie Dufresne, was standing near the exit. Well, what he actually said in an fervent whisper as we neared the door was, "Look. look" and he pinched my arm. "Look over there." "Just look!"

When we were outside, he told me it had been Wylie Dufresne. Maybe if he had said "Look at Wylie Dufresne" it would have helped.

Editor's note: Mr. Dufresne, if that wasn't you, I am sorry. I can't vouch for my husband's eyesight or ability to spot molecular gastronomists in a crowd. But let's assume it was you.

If you think Wylie Dufresne familiar, you may have seen him on Bravo's Top Chef. Or maybe at his Lower East Side restaurant, wd~50, named for his initials and street address. Check out the tasting menu.

Also of note: he's from RI (like me), attended the French Culinary Institute in NY, was "chef de cuisine at
Vongerichten's Prime in The Bellagio, Las Vegas (like me), and has received a gagillion awards.

"among his signature preparations are Pickled Beef Tongue with Fried Mayonnaise and Carrot-Coconut Sunnyside-Up."


  1. It was definitely Wylie Dufresne. Other than my impeccable eyesight and top chef fanaticism, I give you these two facts,

    1.All chefs are alcoholics and shoot down to the local bar after they close their restaurant

    2.The bar we were at was next door to his restaurant


  3. All good things come from RI, this just confirms that fact.

  4. I bet when Wylie Dufrense goes into Dunkin Donuts they ask"may I help you, ma'am?"