Friday, April 18, 2008

If you are a non-mutant you can learn and remember a lot. If not, get away from me, mutant.

In these past few days, it seems we’ve forgotten a lot. One editor missed a train yesterday because of forgetfulness. A longtime friend of the program, The Dootz, couldn't remember if she took off her expensive earrings, or if they just fell off. And there is a good chance I am not, through a slip of the mind, wearing deodorant. What gives?

In doing research, I found that we may be too busy or not getting enough sleep. Or, according to CT Center for Health, we may have Candida infections (yeast infections that can lead to spaciness). Either way, we all could use a little Brain Age.

Memory, where have you gone?

This makes us look back on high school, when we had to memorize things daily. Some things we still retain to this day (Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do live after them... seriously I could go on. Ask me sometime), and others were forgotten as soon as the exam was completed (gone).

When's the last time you memorized anything?

Dr. Piotr Woznia says, in his findings on Memory and Learning that, "
A healthy, intelligent and non-mutant mind shows a surprisingly constant learning rate" and that it doesn't necessarily decrease as we get older. Sure, as we age, we lose neurons and have an increased risk of Alzheimer's, but, Piotr says, "a well-trained memory is quite resilient and shows comparatively fewer functional signs of aging than the joints, the heart, the vascular system, etc. Moreover, training increases the scope of your knowledge, and paradoxically, your mental abilities may actually increase well into a very advanced age."

Great news! Now if I could just remember where I put that great news.

Image by MEOMI.

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  1. My earrings were sitting on my vanity. I know you were all terribly concerned.