Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Don't discipline your kids.

From the AP:
WAYCROSS, Georgia--A group of third-graders plotted to attack their teacher, bringing a broken steak knife, handcuffs, duct tape, and other items for the job and assigning children tasks including cover the windows and cleaning up afterward, police said Tuesday.

Man, the one who got the cleaning up-afterward job was clearly the least popular. This does really seem bonkers. Apparently the nine boys and girls, ages 8 to 10, were pissed at their teacher because she punished one of them for standing on a chair. They planned their revenge to chilling detail. ti's that detail that has us disturbed. I mean, we can see kids joking or even bringing in things all hodgepodge without serious intent. But when we saw the above bag of collected weaponry and paraphernalia (little red gloves!), we felt like these little kids were steps from Lord of the Flies. Waycross Police Chief, Tony Tanner agreed.

"Tanner said the students planned to knock the teacher unconscious with a crystal paperweight, bind her with the handcuffs and tape and then stab her with the knife. "We did not hear anybody say they intended to kill her, but could they have accidentally killed her? Absolutely. We feel like if they weren't interrupted, there would have been an attempt."

Two students were arrested on juvenile charges and a third arrest is expected.

In related news: I am never having kids.

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