Friday, April 18, 2008

"Man is descended from a hairy, tailed quadruped, probably arboreal in its habits. "

The complete works of Charles Darwin
are now online.

Not only can you read his published manuscripts, but you can also get personal with his private journal entries. TMT loves old important shit and this blows us away. Get a load of the first musings on evolution...reads like sloppy, groundbreaking poetry.

highest office in organization (especially in lower animals, where mind, and therefore relations to other life, has not come into play) — see Zoonomia arguments, fails in hybrids where everything else is perfect; mothers apparently only born to breed. — annuals rendered perennial, &c., &c.

(Yet Eunuchs nor cut stallions nor nuns are longer lived. Why is life short, Why such high object generation. — We know world subject to cycle of change, temperature and all circumstances which influence living beings. —
We see living beings the young of living beings, become permanently changed or subject to variety, according to circumstances, — seeds of plants sown in rich soil, many kinds, are produced, though new individuals produced by buds are constant, hence we see generation here seems a means to vary, or adaptation. Again we believe (know) in course of generations even mind and instinct become influenced. —
child of savage not civilized man. — birds rendered wild through generation acquire ideas ditto. V. Zoonomia. — There may be unknown difficulty with full grown individual with fixed organization thus being modified; — therefore generation to adapt & alter the race to changingOn other hand, generation destroys the effect of accidental injuries, on which if animals lived forever, would be endless...

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