Friday, April 4, 2008

Start Me Up, Mr. President

Hell Yeah.

Finally, Obama an
swered the question that was on every voters mind. The one question that would clinch his victory.

In an interview on Today, he was asked who he likes best, The Beatles or the Rolling Stones. He answered confidently, sexily, w
ithout any hesitation, proud like a true balls-out fan. "Rolling Stones." And he wins the presidency! They should have just handed it to him then. In fact, Keith Richards should have just climbed out of whatever palm tree he's in these days and pronounced Obama Commander-In-Chief in a way only Richards can (or barely can).

TMT has long favored the Stones. We have been known to Jagger-walk around our apartment (the strut that is marked by lips and ass out, hands on hips like chickens). So today, in honor of The Rolling Stones, President Obama, and Martin Luther King Jr., we will be playing Forty Licks.

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