Thursday, April 10, 2008

Days like this make you think of...

Remember when you would dig in the wet sand on a beach and those little fish/crab things were in the water? What were those?


  1. Remember when we used to go and pull the little clingy snail things off the rocks by the wall? I don't think I could do that now...creepy!

  2. Periwinkles. The worst is that we would put the starfish in those jars, the little babies that would wrap around a pinky finger, until they stunk, stunk some more, then died.

  3. The little fish/crab things you speak of were probably sand fleas. I would need a more accurate description.

    Do you also remember that we used to hunt for periwinkles by the wall which was immediately adjacent to a giant outfall pipe of untreated street runoff...sick!

    On a side of my childhood memories is of a little girl crying b/c she was afraid to jump off the lifeguard chair into the sand pile. Who was that girl?!

  4. That girl was correctly and astutely aware that it was a long way down from the lifeguard chair, and that a misjump could result in her legs snapping off (or being packed down like slammed cans).

    That girl was me.

  5. Interesting.
    I also seem to remember being very annoyed that, "that girl" was in my way as I was fearlessly throwing myself off of the chair repeatedly.