Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We'll we're impressed.

TMT is very interested in innovative protest. We too are uncomfortable with Beijing hosting the Summer Games, and are more and more upset to learn of China's role in Darfur and Tibet, not to mention its many infringements on free human rights inside its own borders.

(For more on these read this and this)

And we are in good company.

The Olympic Torch Relay, from Greece to Beijing, has thus far been marred by protest. Chinese officials had hoped the relay would "serve to highlight China's triumphal emergence as a global power." No such luck.

London: pro-Tibetan demonstrators scuffle with police. Along the route, protesters seeking to reach the torch were tackled by officers. 35 people arrested.

Paris: "as it passed through the French capital under armed guard, the torch was extinguished several times, and police officers were forced to move it aboard a bus to protect it as demonstrators swarmed the security detail." Many even scaled the Eiffel Tower.

But San Francisco wins: pictured above on the Golden Gate.

Sponsoring the relay, to the tune of 15 million each, are Coca-Cola, Lenovo and Samsung Electronics. Sucks to be them.

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