Wednesday, January 23, 2008

4 times in the theater

The Dootz and I went to the movies a lot growing up. It wasn't always easy; the Dootz was an extreme cinematist; she had a lot of rules.

She demanded that we be in our seats a long while before the start of the film in order to get the right seats (the ones right behind the handicapped bar). She was maniacal about our promptness, which meant we were often the first and only ones in the theater for an hour.

But there were good things to. Together, we memorized the little tune that was the Showcase Cinemas theme and sang it proudly. The Dootz would have Milk Duds, and I, Junior Mints. And we would often see a movie more than once.

I saw "Titanic" 9 times. My sis, 14. I don't know who wins (both losers?), but our sheer dedication to sitting was impressive. There were other, much better movies we saw multiple times at the multiplex. But
on this sad day, the morning after Heath Ledger was found dead in Soho (something that makes me genuinely depressed), I would like to highlight "A Knight's Tale."

No doubt Ledger made better movies since this 2001 jousting romp and that he had a rich future ahead of him, but "A Knight's Tale" has some real strengths that make it worth your time: Heath Ledger at his most silly, a supporting cast that includes the wonderfully pale duo, Paul Bettany and Alan Tudyk, choreographed dance numbers, and all of this set to the music of Queen. We recommend seeing it at the very least once.

TMT wants to know what movies you've seen more than once in the theater? And remember, I told you about Titanic.


  1. Ah, Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland. One of my favorite Heath roles. I challenge you all to find a movie that will leave you with a bigger smile. Fun fact: The director and cast enjoyed making A Knight's Tale so much that they then went on to make The Order together. This one doesn't seem like such a feel good movie. I have not seen it.

    Also, your blog is slanderous! I only saw Titanic 9 times in the theater. 14?! That's just absurd!

  2. A D's's been so long sing I've been subjected to them, I miss them so.

    I have never seen a movie more than once in a theater...I have a hard time sitting still for the entire thing. I just don't have the dedication of some.