Monday, January 28, 2008

my substitute husband

Adam is on location for a movie he's staring in called "Two Can Play That Game," about chess, so I have designated my sub hub for the week to be...
Jack White

A few interesting things you may not not about this White Stripean:
He grew up the youngest of 10 children in Detroit and very nearly became a priest. "I'd got accepted to a seminary in Wisconsin, and I was gonna become a priest, but at the last second I thought, 'I’ll just go to public school,'" White said. "I had just gotten a new amplifier in my bedroom, and I didn’t think I was allowed to take it with me."

Sources online say that "White" was Meg's surname, and that when they got married in '96, Jack took it. However, with these two, I wouldn't be surprised to find out they were related, lovers, or related lovers. Nor would I be surprised to find out that Jack is actually 45, and Meg is his daughter.

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  1. Is Adam's movie at all related to the 2001 smash hit starring Vivica A. Fox and the ever-delectable Morris Chestnut?