Monday, January 28, 2008

Over Tyne

I was just reading a favorable review of multi-Pulitzer-Prize-winning author, Edward Albee's latest production, “Me, Myself & I,” in the New York Times, and was struck at the mention of Tyne Daly. Here's why.

When I married my husband, I thought I knew almost everything about him. I prided myself on being familiar with his peculiarities, the details of his personality and his body like no other. But then, one night, he told me he hated Tyne Daly. I didn't even know who she was.

"She's the old lady from Judging Amy."

Judging Amy? Why Adam hates the gray haired actress from a show made for middle aged women was beyond me. That he loathes Tim Daly's (of Wings) aged sister is surprising. But I love him for it. I thought, this is what they mean by getting to know each other for the rest of our lives.

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  1. Adam's objection (disdain) to this actress can be traced back two generations to his grandfather. Ask him what he thinks of her.