Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what a mess

t t a messOkay i'mI'm making good on my promosepromise to post again today and to continue to misprll things. for some reason iI have apronlem where iI double qorsswords up, vermontvermont for ezampleexample. our correespondent hasm't been able to gwtget us anuany pictures from vermontveemontvermontvermont yet nit qe'llwe'll see. so far vermont consists pfof a few key things, lpng trail ale, woods, snow, pbj'e, soar legs, frenchFrench canadians, large goupscoups of skiers on there swventiesseventies who arware republicans and talk about real estate amdand taxes on thwthe tranteam, and some other atuffstuff. dot worry the ppstsposts will beyter ppstsposts coming don't wprryworry. we're planning on tconducting a best beard of vermontVermont cpntest.  statstay tuned.

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