Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Can we talk about the seed vault?

1. Just a Bigger, Badder version of Sandy's Go Boat?
2. Svalbard! Two years ago, I didn't know the island above Norway existed. Now I am keenly aware the Iorek Byrinson, the armored bear of His Dark Materials, along with all of the other armored bears, live there.
3. Seed. I once stuck birdseed into my mom's car ignition to see where it would come out. I broke her car. It didn't come out.


  1. i almost typed BO GOAT all of those times. BO GOAT is the new GO BOAT.

  2. also yesterday evening i heard about this on NPR. it sounds so AWESOME. also really smart. why doesn't america do stuff like this? the guy was like, "it will cost about $150,000 a year to maintain...i think thats a pretty good price for the world's insurance policy." i agree!

  3. well America sort of is. Bill and Melinda Gates are huge donors (as usual).