Thursday, February 7, 2008

Most Lawyery Goes To...

The Lawyer of the Day award goes to the Dootz, as she had a closing with a certified schizophrenic. She did not let him see her tears nor she did venture into his delusional otherworlds.

For serious now: this editor, the chesty/uterusy editor of TMT has to bring this up. I don't know if all women have cried at work, but I certainly have. My sister, the Dootz, has, and a lot. My cousin, a very important so and so has. Friends, too. AND SO?

It's not that I tear up all the time, but when I get fuming fucking mad, when my eyes pop their vessels and my ears shoot smoke like a stack, I let loose. I try to stop, but that, as we all know, only makes it worse. I have a sneaking suspicion this has to do with hormones, which makes me mad. Which makes me cry. WTF, right? It doesn't mean I can't gather myself and do the best job possible, a better job than ye stoic penises. It doesn't mean that I can't kick some ass. It mostly just means that the tip of my nose gets red. So sue me.


  1. Never have a met such a douche! UGHHHH! But you're right, my hyperactive tear ducts have NO bearing on my ability to work, but I'm sure everyone thinks I'm a mess. In today's case, I wasn't crying because the guy hurt my feelings. I was crying because he was a f'ing AHOLE and I was raging mad. So don't hold it against me. It it really any better to put a fist through the wall?

    Also, my problem isn't the nose - it's the upper lip. I get a red outline around my upper lip that lasts for days. Sometimes I wear a fake mustache to hide it. It seems that in the corporate world, a lady with unsightly facial hair is somehow preferable to a teary lady.

  2. Big Green -- I don't consider myself a crier at all, but something about work lets the tears flow freely. I think it's as you said, the anger building up -- then trying to calm yourself only makes it all worse.

    I get the voice shake. Full on voice shake even if no tears come. That is the worst. At least tears you can hide by turning around, the voice shake can't be masked.

    Fucking hormones!

  3. oh the voice shake. And then someone will ask, ever so gently, Is something wrong...

  4. When I was a bus-girl (person?) I dropped a huge tray of drinking glasses in front of approximately 40 Marines. I cried then.

    I also cried when I locked my keys in my (running) car during a blizzard on Valentine's Day last year. Those were big, hiccuping, no-holds-barred sobs, too.