Monday, February 11, 2008

My childhood old man friend, the president.

I know that most young kids don't enjoy eating their veggies. I'm sure I was no different, even though now, especially since I've become a vegetarian, I enjoy almost all of them. But when I was little I just couldn't eat broccoli. There was something about it that was more then just a little kid not wanting the eat his greens. I must have done a good job communicating that to my parents because it was the one vegetable I was allowed to pass on. Whenever we had broccoli with dinner I would avoid it and we would talk about my disdain for it. My parents used to say that the reason I didn't have to eat broccoli was that the president at the time, George H. Bush, also didn't like it. I like to think about each of us not eating it. I imagined him and Barbara having a very similar conversation to the one I was having with my parents. We were connected and I liked it.

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