Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jane Fonda, I hate you

NEW YORK (AP) -- NBC News is apologizing again -- this time for Jane Fonda.

The 70-year-old actress used a vulgar slang term on the ''Today'' show Thursday while talking about the play ''The Vagina Monologues.'' Fonda is appearing in a 10th-anniversary performance.

Fonda said she was asked to perform a monologue with a slang term for vagina as the title -- and Fonda used the term itself on the air.

About 10 minutes later, co-host Meredith Vieira told viewers that ''Today'' and Fonda apologized for the remark.

NBC has recently apologized for comments made by Chris Matthews and David Shuster.


First off, do we all agree that she said cunt? Because she might have said "donkey face," "rubber tub," or "the chochky." Anyway, why does NBC have to apologize?

If anybody needs to say they're sorry it's Jane Fonda, not for saying the c word, but for her lengthy list of offenses over the years, namely that she misrepresented herself as a work-out virtuoso in the 80's when really she was just bulimic, that she pretends to be a 70-year old feminist, but is freakishly de-aged by plastic surgery, and also Monster-in-Law. Rubber tubs are the least of her problems.

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