Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go ahead, you deserve it.

The 9-5 got you down? The cold getting to you? You are not alone. This morning I yelled at my husband because I was cold, I was dreading my commute, and because the prospect of sitting at a computer for eight hours only to do it again tomorrow was too much. Call it Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), call it a case of the grumps, but "I can't just wear a sweatshirt, Adam!"

The solution, my friends: take a vacation. Everybody needs a break. In fact most countries legally require it. In a list of 60+ countries, the US is the only one to not legally require vacation. Those who do are generous, too. Austria: 5 weeks. Brazil: 30 consecutive days. France: 5+ weeks. India: 60 days. And that is not including holidays.

Now that you have either decided to move to Italy (20-32 working days, plus 12 public holidays) or take a vacation, why not take a great trip that celebrates the location that hosts you.

Ecotourism is the melding of conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. And it doesn't have to mean pooping in the ground. TMT's favorite ecotourism site, Responsible Travel.com, offers information on all sorts of trips that help not hurt the environment, many of them super luxurious. So, take a holiday. It could save the Earth and your marriage.

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