Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Will Be More Blood When We're Through With You, The Academy.

Devout Radiohead fans that we are, TMT saw PT Anderson's There Will Be Blood in large part because our favorite band's lead guitarist, Johnny Greenwood, composed the score. After seeing the film, we got a hold of its music and have delighted in it. Like all memorable scores, this one complements the film, but more than that, we think it made There Will Be Blood better. So weren't we surprised, when watching the old stuffy lady that is the Academy Awards, Mr. Greenwood's work wasn't even nominated. Something stunk.

So it seems that Greenwood's score was disqualified on the basis of Rule 16 of the Academy's Special Rules for Music Awards "which excludes scores diluted by the use of tracked themes of other pre-existing music."

It seems small parts of the score came from earlier Greenwood composition, all of it correctly labeled on the score's cue sheet (which the Academy had since December). Trouble is, the final decision to eliminate the score from eligibility came on January 19, seven days after balloting had closed. So basically Johnny may have won.

As much as this annoys the hell out of TMT, we have the sneaking suspicion Greenwood isn't too dismayed. The Academy Awards seem to be more about the companies that make the films than the actual films. After all, maybe you've heard, but Radiohead is very anti-corporate these days.

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