Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Logical Schmogical

Just the other day a coworker was hassling me about what he saw as my vegetarian hypocrisy: that I wouldn't lay my bagel on a toaster rack that had just previously supported a chicken breast. First off, I wasn't complaining or voicing my frustration. I was just eating a dry bagel when the criticisms came flying.

"It is not logical."
I explained that I have gone out of my way to avoid eating meat since I was twelve, that it takes a considerable energy, so why would I just lay my bagel in chicken grease or, for that matter, use a meat spoon or meat gloves.
"It's not logical." Again with the logical. "Do you wear leather?"
"Yeah, a little. I try not to but, yeah I do."
"So there." And I ate my dry bagel, and he thought he was victorious.

Now I'm comfortable with my beliefs, but it did get me thinking. Are there any cute vegan shoes out there? I have tried to avoid leather in the past. I have scoured the earth for cloth bags (found a canvas carrier bag, but resorted, after months of searching to no avail, to leather for my handbag). I use a cloth wallet. We surprised the VW dealer when we asked if the more expensive Jetta came without the leather seats. "No they all have leather," he smiled. "But could they not?" We might as well have been aliens.

But shoes...all the shoes I have seen look frumpy. After a preliminary search, it seems the demand for leatherless shoes is growing. There are lots of distributors, and even a shop in the city the Lower East Side that sells them. Moo Shoes bills itself as the "first cruelty-free store of its kind in New York City," which means there are more. What you hear people? I am in the market.


  1. Vegan Shoes are damn near impossible to come by! And you're right the ones that are out there, are painful to look at for the most part.

    I feel your pain. I get tired of having to defend my believes to virtual strangers on a weekly basis. Questions based out of actual interest or just curiosity fine, but for the sole reason to argue with me...annoying.

    I sometimes like to say really inapproriate things to make people squirm. For instance, when asked why I eat eggs then...I like to tell people that I'm pro-choice and those chickens didn't want their babies, this works especially well when you work in FL with a bunch of bible-beaters. :)

  2. awesome response. But then I would start thinking of my eggs as shmasmortions and lose my appetite.

  3. an ongoing issue for me too. i mostly tell people to shut their goddamn yappers.

  4. look, natalie portman wants to help you!

  5. They are ADORABLE and all sold out.