Wednesday, February 20, 2008


New England was home to a chain of mattress stores called "Off Track Bedding." In 2007 they closed their doors for good (Chapter 11), and though they are gone, their catch phrase will live on from the highways of northern RI to the biways of southern Mass--the sing songy "Off Track Bedding, the lowest prices, every... (pull the little lamp chain and in the dark, say)...Night!"

While you from otherworlds may not appreciate this musical trip down memory lane, you might like this detail:

Until recently, I did not know of the existence of "Off Track Betting," only "Bedding." When I first discovered a small storefront in New Jersey called "Off Track Betting," I thought it a take off on the popular northeast mattress
chain. Only after I saw two and three more OTB locations and asked a friend, was I made wise. And I have to say, it is more than a little disappointing.

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  1. Interesting.
    One of my favorites was when she hits the bed with the vacuum before launching into the closing line.