Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Coolatas and Politics; AP sits down with John Edwards in a series of recurring dreams

I recently sat down with John Edwards and his wife in a Dunkin Donuts, where he was hosting an Edwards 08 event/ buying a Coolata. I was there for maybe both of those reasons. I'm not exactly sure, but I was certainly surprised to see him there. We recognized each other immediately and got to talking.

This was the second in a series of conversations. He had called me once before, a few months ago from the road. His campaign manager found out, while reading the official campaign rules, that he was allowed to have one person he could call, possibly mid-debate, as a sort of lifeline. I was honored. If he needed my help I would be there. That call never happened, most likely because Brian Jennings shut him down and refused to address any questions to him.

This day, we started by ordering our drinks, which ended up actually being margaritas instead of Coffee Coolatas. Elizabeth Edwards was disappointed in the turn out, but happy to see me. And John seemed like he wasn't very surprised. We talked about how Brian Jennings and his friends had conspicuously forced him out of the running, as well as his future in the '08 presidential race. He has yet to endorse either of the candidates and I speculated that he was considering the position of VP. He agreed that this was a position he was interested in. I also pledged my support for him if he were to decide to run again. After that we mostly just talked about the Wii and the Manhattan Bridge. The conversation was a little all over the place. It made me feel good though. I miss John Edwards.

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  1. this is incred. between the two of us we are like, pretty well connected politically. and by politically i mean, in our minds and dreams only.