Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meet Melinda

TMT loves philanthropy. Especially that of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, their support of education, global development and equality. And we have a pretty good idea of who Bill is, the Microsoft multi-billionaire, but what about the Lady Gates? She's been called, "the most powerful woman you know next to nothing about."

In a profile by the Christian Science Monitor (cool your jets, A.P, it's not only about religion), we find out the dirt.

Melinda French Gates is comfortable with the drug-addicted and the transgendered like a true "catholic school girl." It's not her style to show up at big events. She's a distance runner and kayaker with stage fright, who keeps her family away from the public eye. She was a Microsoft multimedia developer for ten years before marrying the boss. (No one at Microsoft would sit with her at lunch once she and Bill were engaged). Renowned for her arcane knowledge of diseases, Melinda is business savvy and specific.

She's also in a gang.

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