Friday, February 29, 2008

Robert Courtney, worse than Hitler?

CNBC's salacious "American Greed" this week profiled Robert Courtney, who is impressively and completely without a soul. TMT isn't impressed by evil doers as a rule, but this man's actions are so mind-blowing, so awful that we think he'd beat out baby-eaters in a contest of bane.

What's his deal, you ask. Well get ready to have your minds blown.

Well-respected pharmacist and gentleman (also deacon of his church), Robert Courtney watered down the expensive chemotherapy drugs he sold to his ailing cancer patients. He made millions on the scheme. The patience, however, at first delighted that they were not seeing the usual side affect
s to chemo, that they were the one-in-a million that wouldn't get any, didn't do as well. Some got much worse, and some died. All were completely deceived by his faux generosity.

Liane Dillman, a 37-year-old new mother with breast cancer remarked on his kindness, that on bad days, the pharmacist would even drop her meds off at her house.

Over his nine-year diluting spree, Courtney would, "by law enforcement estimates, dilute 98,000 prescriptions for 4,200 patients, " a crime for which he was recently found guilty and is serving 30 years, paying millions in restitution and fines.

Minds officially blown.


  1. My grandfather was one of the many victims of Courtney, our whole family are victims! My grandfather was a fighter. He was a Navy World War II Vet so he knew what it took to fight for what he wanted and he wanted to beat cancer. He took his (dilluted) medication everyday. Thanks to Courtney my grandfather did not get to see my youngest son born or my older son grow, play sports or just enjoy his growing family. I still think of my grandfather everyday and visit his grave often. I tell my sons how wonderful he was and keep pictures around the house to remind me of what he looked like before he got sick. You can't put a dollar amount on how much we miss him! It is hard to let go of the anger I feel, but I know I will see my grandpa in Heaven someday and that's what keeps me going.

  2. Man. I'm really sorry to hear that. What a complete monster that man was. Though I think by calling him evil takes some of the responsibility off of him. He exhibited the very human desire, greed, at the most extreme, and horrendous form.

  3. This aired again last night, and reminded me of my Brother who recieved his chemo medicine from this man...He was 30 years old and had cancer of the kidneys, he went through similar things as others did. he was amazed that he was 'immune' to the bad effects of chemo. well it was all a crock of shit, and his cancer progressed to his lungs, and he died a year later. It was caught early, and im 100% convinced that had he recieved full chemo he would have lived. he *never* had any of the chemo effects which means he never did have chemo. ever.

    this man you hardly hear of outside of the oddball shows like this one. but he is in truth - much much much - worse than any other criminal in our justice system. Ted bundy is a saint compared to this man. Ted bundy cant say he effected 4200 patients [ and 20,000+ relatives ] by denying them thier chemo to live. All in the name of $$$.

    If i saw Robert in person i have to admit id beat the crap out of him.