Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Budget Schmudget

Good Magazine turned us on to Jess Bachman's impressive info design. It's the 2008 U.S. budget gone graphic. Take a look at the whole thing here.

After this morning's 3 hour commute (should have taken half that), your editor is particularly interested in Transportation finance. It seems that our gov't spent over 12 Billion on aviation and a measly 1 billion on the railroads. WTF, Government. I understand that our mountainous terrain out west may not be conducive to the kind of rail system that exists between European cities, but lets think more locally.

An Amtrak Acela train from New York Penn to Providence RI to say hi to my folks can cost as much as $140 one way. Highway robbery! Train robbery in fact.

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  1. Agreed!
    The train to Boston to NYC makes me depressed to even think about. Looks like I'll be taking the bus.