Friday, March 7, 2008

Hendrick's Gin and Edible Martinis

Gus (of Gus gets mad and says something he'll regret fame) stopped by the other night and brought with him a most delicious treat. Hendrick's Gin, which markets itself as 'not for everybody' is produced in small batches and recommends you add a slice of cucumber in lieu of the traditional lime. You would think the 'lovely hint of Bulgarian Rose, which is extracted by gently pressing essential oils from the petals' might not be your thing, but it's great. It's not just their distilling process that's unconventional. In keeping with the 'not for everybody' theme, all the promotional material is about being different, even a little strange.

We loved it and it also got us talking about a recent NY Times Video, The Edible Martini. This video doesn't involve Hendrick's, but does involve gin and a cucumber. Using a vacuum, the head of culinary technology at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, Dave Arnold, makes a martini 'pickle' that looks delicious. If anyone has the equipment, and decides to try this at home, definitely let us know how it goes.

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