Thursday, March 6, 2008

Justice, why you sit so close?

Having not yet been called into jury questioning, The Dootz ruminates on proximity, and when close is too close.

I don't understand why people sit right next to you when there are numerous open seats alone. She's an old lady."

The Dootz poses a good question, one that shows off her inquisitive nature, a characteristic intrinsic to any good juror. But to the point--on the train, in a bus, on a bench, why do people feel the need to cram up your ass when there is room elsewhere? To flirt? To feel a human connection? To keep warm? TMT finds not one of these solutions acceptable. That's right; wear a coat.

Or you could take it another way, as a compliment and reassurance; you do not smell. For, as bad as it is to have people sit right next to you when there are seats elsewhere, the opposite is sometimes worse. To ride a packed train, whose only empty seats are the ones next to you--now that is uncomfortable.

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