Friday, March 14, 2008

Pimps up, Hos Down(town Providence) or Hookers at the (Rocky) Point.

Our friends over at BDLR alerted us to the fact that in Rhode Island, the state that birthed me, Prostitution is basically legal.

From the Projo:

“A lot of people don’t realize that prostitution is legal in Rhode Island if you do it indoors,” State Police Inspector Stephen Bannon testified. Under current RI law, “persons are free to solicit sex for money in newspapers and/or over the Internet as long as the conduct that is agreed upon takes place in private.”

I immediately called my father, a RI attorney with a wealth of useless knowledge. "Dad, we got legal hookers in Lil Rhody?"

He informed me of the indoor loophole, but said that haters have been aggressively trying to get rid of it for the last three years.

"Fascinating, Dad, really. Legal Hookers."

He countered, "Big Green, we are a very progressive state."

"Progressive enough to still celebrate VJ Day?"

He laughed. "Well let's make a deal. We'll give up VJ, so long as we get to keep the hookers."

Agree. Shake. Deal. Hookers.

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