Monday, March 24, 2008

SXSW and Rachael Ray Unite

Two things I can't seem to avoid have joined forces against me. SXSW doesn't really bother me, I just feel like I've been hearing about it for three months already and I need a break. Rachael Ray, on the other hand, makes me a little nervous. She loves indie rock and she just threw a party at SXSW (combined forces). I really don't even have to blog about it because too much has already been written about it. But to sum it up, Pedro from Napolean Dynamite was there as a DJ, the dude from ZZTop, and a bunch of bands like the Ravonettes and the Stills. RR really just confuses me. A good example is the ultra weird picture below (I think from FHM) which makes me feel really uncomfortable. I was scared to open it at work. I thought moms and dads were supposed to like her 30 minute meals but now she's half naked and airbrushed and at SXSW.